Chiropractic for Pediatrics

Chiropractic for Pediatrics

Children experience rapid growth and development during the few years of life. It is a time when musculoskeletal growth occurs quickly and often in ‘spurts’, putting stress on their young bodies.  Fortunately, children generally respond faster and more effectively to chiropractic treatment than adults do, and early treatment may also help prevent spine and nerve problems that could become symptomatic in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child needs chiropractic treatment?

If your child has aches or pains with activities that involve his/her muscular, neurological or skeletal system chiropractic care would be appropriate for treatment.  Unless your child has sustained a serious injury, it can be difficult to determine whether he or she needs chiropractic treatment. Its best to consult with the chiropractor to determine if care should be rendered for his/her condition.

How often will my child need pediatric chiropractic treatment?

If your child is in good health and not experiencing pain, your chiropractor may recommend well visits one to two times per year. If, however, your child has suffered an injury resulting in pain or imbalances like limping or favoring one side, schedule an appointment with your child’s chiropractor right away.

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